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Smartphones outgrow average pants pocket

yahoo.com  2013-04-29 10:54:54 

Washington, Apr. 26 (ANI): Smartphones have been supersized, growing in length and girth.

The Samsung Galaxy S from 2010 was 2.53 inches wide and 4.82 inches tall; the newly announced 2013 edition is 2.83 by 5.5 - too big for the average pair of American khakis, said Doug Conklyn, senior vice president of global design for Dockers.

Conklyn said they have recently increased the size of the 'coin pocket,' which is the pocket-within-the-pocket on the wearer's right, from 3x3 to 4x4 to accommodate today's larger phones, reports Fox News.

A standard pants pocket is around 13 inches deep, Conklyn said. And with phones growing quickly to fill that space, designers are keeping a wary eye open.

The gargantuan Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, unveiled April 11, has a body 6.6 inches long. Chinese company Huawei announced an enormous phone called the Ascend Mate in January that's 6.44 inches.

The Galaxy S4, to be unleashed on unassuming pockets at the end of the month, measures 5.38 inches from tip to toe. HTC's First is 4.96 inches tall, while the iPhone 5 is 4.87 inches.

The "phablet" market - the merger of tablets and smartphones into enormous, wildly popular hybrids - are bigger giants.

Sascha Segan, lead mobile analyst for PCMag.com, said phones are getting bigger and bigger because people are primarily using them for Internet access and touch applications, both of which benefit from a bigger window onto the world. (ANI)

ANI – Fri, Apr 26, 2013