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To hedge against future Apple suits, Samsung sets up its own patent firm in U.S.

BGR News By Brad Reed 2013-05-28 10:06:20 

Samsung is still trying to expand its patent portfolio as a way to combat intellectual property lawsuits filed by Apple, and the company has now gone so far as to start its own patent trading and development firm in the United States. Korea Times reports that Samsung last week plunked down $25 million to launch Intellectual Keystone Technology, a firm based in Washington, DC that will focus entirely on acquiring and developing patents. Unnamed sources tell Korea Times that Samsung is most interested in acquiring patents related to LCD and OLED displays that the company uses in smartphones, tablets and televisions. One Korea Times source says that Samsung is “eager” to buy display-related patents to maximize its “indisputable leverage” in the display manufacturing business.

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<By Brad Reed | BGR News – 8 hrs ago>