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Report claims to reveal new details on upcoming iPhone 6

2014-01-07 16:13:05 

A new report from South Korean publication ET News says the iPhone 6, which it calls “iPhone Air,” will be just 6 millimeters thick when it is unveiled later this year, making the handset significantly thinner than its predecessors. Comparatively, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 have a 7.6 millimeter profile while the iPhone 5c is thicker, at 8.97 millimeters. The publication says the news comes from Chinese media, but it certainly can’t be verified at this point. The iPhone 6 will still be made of metal, although it will be a bit heavier than previous models, the same source says.

The design of the iPhone 6 will reportedly be based on the iPhone 5s, although the upcoming iOS handset is said to be bigger than the 2013 flagship model. The phone is expected to be unveiled and launched at some point in September.

Recent reports have suggested that this year Apple is going to launch iPhones with bigger displays than the 4-inch screen found in current models. The company is rumored to consider 4.7- to 5.7-inch displays for future generation devices, although that’s also a report that can’t be confirmed at this time.

Interestingly, the same etnews says that the price of the iPhone 5s will go down to $100 at some point in May, presumably in the U.S., for on-contract purchases. Only a few days ago, Best Buy dropped the price of the on-contract iPhone 5s down to $125.