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Alleged iPhone 6 dummy shows curvy screen

2014-05-09 16:03:16 

Though you can make-your-own Apple iPhone 6 rumor, you can go a more traditional route and pay attention to noted leaker of Apple products, Sonny Dickson. He tweeted photos claiming to show mock-ups of the iPhone 6 with a new and notably curvaceous design. Dickson shared images of the purported front and back of an iPhone 6 dummy and, since rumors of the next Apple smartphone brandishing a curved screen have been floating around for some time, the leak is excitingly convincing. The curved screen in the photo is mostly notable thanks to a reflection of light seen on the left side, but the photo of the rear shows the new rounded design more prominently. The purported iPhone 6 dummy appropriately looks like a rough draft. Sonny Dickson The latest rumors lead us to believe there will be more than one iPhone released later this year, including a larger 5.5-inch model. The curved screen rumor piggybacks off of current smartphones rocking the fresh design and, with Apple's tendency to pack existing cutting-edge technology into their new devices and marketing them as breakthrough wonders, I wouldn't put it past them. The leaked images of the iPhone 6 dummy look rough around the (curved) edges, but Dickson's reputation for truthy rumors precedes him, giving the speculation as much credibility as you can give a rumor. Do you think these photos are real? How do you feel about the next iPhone offering a curved screen? Let us know in the comments.