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Nokia attempting to use the design of intelligent machines to regain market share

2011-08-30 21:37:40 


Glimpse of the Nokia N9 can be from the future design ideas

REVIEW: Foreign media today published an article that internal and external Windows Phone Nokia's upcoming first intelligent machine, the Finnish mobile phone giant gamble in the hope that with unique design, to regain market share and regain its past glory.

The following is the text of the article:

Nokia will soon release the first equipped with Windows Phone operating system for smart phones.Finnish mobile phone giant is engaged in a gamble and hope the new models with innovative design to Win, the people's attention from the much criticized transferred on a platform in the lucrative smartphone market regain its past glory.

Nokia in smartphone market share continue to decline, largely due to Apple's iPhone and Android phones extrusion. However, as has been the dominant global mobile phone market, Nokia's hardware production capacity beyond doubt.

Nokia plans to launch in the fourth quarter of this year, the first equipped with Windows Phone "mango" mobile phone operating system. This product is for Nokia as a revival of the shoulders to regain market share in the task.

Released in June this year, Nokia N9 body, people can Glimpse of the company's future models of design ideas. Phone to cancel the traditional Home physical buttons, extensive use of gestures.Carbonate shell material, a variety of colors to choose from. It is equipped with a curvature of 3.9 inches with capacitive touch screen.

N9 powered by Intel co-developed with Nokia MeeGo operating system, Nokia has lost interest in this platform. But the company's chief designer Mark Ahtisaari (Marko Ahtisaari) said that this design is Nokia's future direction. He said in an interview: "We will esteem simple, natural design trends, and common black market in gray, metal rounded rectangular design is completely different."

Windows Phone mobile phone operating system developed by Microsoft, in addition to outside Nokia, HTC, Dell, Samsung and LG are interested in the launch of new mobile phone equipped with the system. Therefore, in order to attract consumers to stop market share continued to decline, Nokia need to rely on an attractive design.

Enhance users 'eye contact'

And folder-based Apple iOS and different operating system, Google Android, Windows Phone "mango" version with the very contemporary graphical user interface, its function around the "people" instead of "application" to reduce to achieve a certain function, and Click the number of times.

Ahtisaari said that today's emphasis on touch-screen phone, "immersive" human-computer interaction, which is not correct. He wanted to find a design, so that people can look up. He said: "If you go to a restaurant in Helsinki, take a look, you will find that people blindly down at cell phone, rather than eye contact, not aware of their surroundings."

Ahtisaari said: "The real goal of the design of mobility, will enable people to have more eye contact, and aware of their surroundings. People will not exact such a request; but when they get this convenience, they will love it. "

Ahtisaari joined 18 months ago, Nokia is the company's first directly to the CEO Sidifenai Roper (Stephen Elop) reported the chief designer. Designers to enhance the status, reflecting the increasing emphasis on the Nokia hardware design capabilities are.

Nokia has launched a variety of classic models, including in the movie "The Matrix" in the appearance of 8110, the world's first smart phone 9000, built-in antenna with a camera 3210 and 7650.

However, there have been numerous this glorious old mobile phone manufacturers have many errors: Motorola Razr series in the popular flip phone, the Nokia failed to confront the models can be introduced; When Apple first released in 2007 models iPhone, to redefine the entire mobile phone market, Nokia is still sticking to the slow response of traditional design, has not been introduced touch-screen models.

In 2010, Nokia released a total of 28 models, the total shipments of more than 453 million. However, in the second quarter, the company in the global smartphone market share has grown from 38.1% last year plummeted 15.2%, is beyond Apple and Samsung, ranked third.

Inheritance colorful plastic

Ahtisaari's design team has hundreds of employees, spread Finland, China, Britain and the United States. He said: "Our job is to demonstrate that a product is suitable for mass production, production of molds for the production and selection of co-operation for a particular component manufacturer Nokia in this highly competitive field."

Nokia mobile phone using a variety of shell materials, distinctive, the company's success in the hardware foundation. Currently, Nokia phones mainly native color polycarbonate shell. Ahtisaari said: "The color is a simple sign of consumer choice, this important feature will be inherited."

For him, innovation means that through careful observation of users and their environment, their design better and more natural mobile phone use. 3D models from the draft to the to the real machine, producing a large number of prototypes is simple, accurate pass.

Ahtisaari said that Nokia will introduce more physical keyboard with touch-screen mobile phone, such as E6 and C3 and so on. He said: "Many people still need a keyboard; Nokia the next few years will be extremely lucrative profits in this market continue to innovate."

He also plans to "phone experience with maps and geographic information users connected in an unprecedented way to draw the whole world" in order to add customer value