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More details of Windows 8 exposure: the menu features more intuitive

2011-08-30 21:38:03 

Windows 8更多细节曝光:菜单功能更直观

More details of Windows 8 exposure: the menu features more intuitive

SAN FRANCISCO, August 30 morning news, Microsoft Project Management Director Alex Simmons(Alex Simons) blog post published today, revealed the operating system, Windows 8 more details, the most notable feature is the "Ribbon "interface to a wide range of applications.

Picture shows, Windows 8 Explorer icon in the top of the window to show the form of many common functions, such as "Copy", "Paste" and "Cut", etc., user-friendly search, using these features. In Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows, these functions are usually in the form of sub-menu display,the user need to go through two clicks to complete. The new user interface will no doubt enhance theuser experience.

This interface design is called "Ribbon", was originally used in Office 2007 software suite, Office 2010continues this practice, Windows 7 in part adopted. Microsoft plans to fully integrate in Windows 8 in theinterface.

Simmons said in a blog post, the survey shows that users most commonly used Windows Explorermenu function is to "paste", followed by "Properties", "copy", "delete", "rename", "refresh" and "cut" and so on. The most commonly used menu functions accounted for 10 of the total use of 81.8% for the"Ribbon" interface to lay the foundation for widespread use.