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Apple can now fix your cracked iPhone 5C screen in the store

Apple Lance Whitney 2014-01-22 22:08:32 

You may be able to get your iPhone 5C's cracked screen replaced at your local Apple Store.


Your local Apple store may now be able to replace a cracked iPhone 5C screen while you wait.

The $149 in-store repair option for the lower-cost iPhone reportedly debuted on Monday, according to CNNMoney. Up till now, Apple had to ship iPhone 5C units with cracked screens to a repair center, saddling owners with a $229 fee.

A rep at a local Apple store told CNET that the 5C is eligible for screen repairs or replacement. But she said the service depends on the amount of damage. Screens with scratches or minor cracks could be treated in-store, while those with heavier damage would need to be sent out.

Reports surfaced last year that Apple would introduce the in-store repair option for the 5S and the 5C. But at this point, the 5S and the older 4S still have to be sent to the repair center, CNNMoney added.