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Mobile Device ManagementThe “Internet of Things” [IoT] is a phrase Cisco coined over the past few years. Internet of Things, simply put, is defined as intelligent IP devices in wireless retail stores

2014-07-02 16:52:03 


The “Internet of Things” is a phrase Cisco coined over the past few years. Internet of Things, simply put, is defined as intelligent IP devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Refrigerators, Cars or even one day, a Toaster will connect to a network or the Internet and collect data.

All this “Big Data” gathered through the Internet of Things will be valuable to large corporations such as Samsung, Apple, Whirlpool, Ford or Hamilton Beach and Cisco predicts that by 2020 the Internet of Things will be a 14 trillion dollar industry.

In 6 short years information gathered from smart devices will be nearly three times the size of the global automotive industry which is slated to see 5.1 trillion in sales next year.

SmartCircle, a Peer to Peer [P2P] network of cross platform devices communicating, gathering valuable customer metrics was introduced to the world in March 2013 and has seen remarkable growth since the global launch in Athens, Greece.Based on this prediction companies are now developing mobile device manager systems to manage Smartphones and Tablets in wireless stores and Zhuhai HolDer is proud to be the first to identity this market potential over two years ago.




Zhuhai HolDer is currently building a strong SmartCircle Referral Partner Network of trained, focused, like minded companies to serve customers throughout the globe.  Our SCRP’s serviceSouth Africa, Australia, China, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Finland, UK, Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala and Chile.

SCPR’s undergo strict SmartCircle network training during a 5 week period where a virtual retail store is opened on the Triangle Wireless network, mobile device management techniques are practised and Device Uptime is ingrained.

Four, cross platform Smartphones representing Android, Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry are merchandised on Fixture 1 of the the virtual store Planogram and all SCRP’s are required to run their virtual store at over 90% uptime and comply with all pricing, media and Planogram changes.

Bill Dandie believes the future of retail mobile device management is a balance between network technology and a network of people. “SmartCircle will greatly increase retail efficiently and profits at the same time as reducing the impact on the environment. Our software technology is epic, but I believe the SmartCircle network of people will have the greatest, lasting impact over time”.

SmartCircle’s product page was updated this week to clearly outline the features and benefits of  Zhuhai HolDer’s mobile device management solution and we invite the world to experience holderprotection.com, a network of IP connected mobile devices alongside a network of well trained, passionate people.