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Mobile Phone and Tablet device charging

2014-07-08 10:33:42 


There are many mobile phone and device security solutions today that charge and electronically protect expensive consumer electronics such as tablets,smart phones,smart watches and digital cameras in retail store locations.

Zhuhai HolDer’s line of Boomerang mobile loss prevention systems are the most flexible anti-theft and charging solutions in the industry and  Zhuhai HolDer  introduces the new entry to our tape base line - Boomerang Charge.



For low to medium security settings such as exhibits, trade shows and retail shops that experience little theft or shoplifting Zhuhai HolDer  recommends a simple and cost effective retail merchandise solution to perfectly display Smartphones and Tablets.

The solution is tape based and charging pads adhere to the back of mobile electronic devices. The pads are connected to aesthetically pleasing charging cables that connect to iPads, Galaxy S5′s, LG Flex’s or any current mobile phone device.

While the mobile device is at rest on the display fixture the charging pad engages with the charging mount and the Smartphone or Tablet effortlessly charges with it’s own manufacturer’s power cable.

When the customer picks up a mobile phone, the retail display merchandise is free of unsightly cords or cables and the overall interactive experience is improved through enjoying the unencumbered mobile Smartphone or Tablet.

Mobile phones are managed through  Zhuhai HolDer ’s SmartCircle retail mobile device management system and security, uptime, media, customer interaction, Planogram and compliance is easily managed through the retail enterprise solution called SmartCircle Metrics.